Activist Dorli Rainey for The Guardian, UK // Weekend Magazine Cover & Multimedia Project

Near the last week of December I got a call from the Guardian in London to interview and photograph 84 year old activist Dorli Rainey for their Weekend Magazine.  You might remember Dorli as being famously pepper sprayed during the Occupy Seattle protests a few months ago. The shocking image that spread like wild fire -- taken by AP photographer Joshua Trujillo for the Seattle PI, depicted Dorli just moments after being doused with milk to counteract the effects of the spray. The project for the Guardian was two-fold: to photograph a dignified portrait of Dorli which had been slated to run on the cover of the Weekend Magazine, and to also shoot a video interview about her experiences during the protest and as a social activist.

Needless to say, my crew and I were pretty inspired after having spent a few hours listening to her life's story...


And a few of my favorite outtakes from the shoot...