WA State Farmworker Housing Trust // Annual Report

A little while back I  had a chance to photograph an annual report for the Washington State Farmworker Housing Trust.  The WSFHT is awesome because its mission is to provide safe, affordable housing to the migrant farming community in Washington State.  This project, which was shot in Eastern Washington mostly around the Wenatchee area, consisted of a series of portraits and landscapes... It was definitely a dream gig and I was really honored to be there.

It was also on this gig that I happened to have one of the greatest tacos and tamales ever.  I was out shooting portraits in a cherry orchard early one morning when I noticed an old van driving up along the trees.  Everyone started to step down from their ladders to take a break.  It was breakfast time, and a younger guy who I had been talking to invited me to sit and eat with his friends.  Tacos are one of my all time favorite things, so this was pretty amazing.