Cascade Record Pressing Profile for VIMBY

Records are a bit of an obsession for me so having the chance to visit Mark Rainey at the Cascade Record Pressing Plant was a real treat.  A Big Huge thanks to Adam Gonsalves at Telegraph Mastering for talking about this sonic wizardry.  And last but not least, a Gigantic thanks goes out to Adam Weilert, Steve Seidel and Gabbi Jewell at VIMBY (Video In My Back Yard) for giving me to opportunity to produce this video.  

Bayou Steel Group + Graphiti Associates

One of my most favorite things to film and photograph is the process of things being made -- especially when they're being produced in factories and mills.  So when Graphiti Associates approached me about creating web content for the Bayou Steel Group I was ready to go.  We travelled to La Place, Louisiana and El Paso, Texas to capture the production process of rebar, billets, I beams and grinding balls -- and portraits of the men and women who make the steel that America is built on.  


Cheerwine Kreme Pre-Roll Spots

Writer/Creative Director Andy Corbett and John Padgett of the Padgett/Smith Project approached me about producing two spots for Cheerwine featuring their recent collaboration with Krispy Kreme Donuts.  Not only did I get the opportunity to work with my favorite desert treat but I got to work with a great cast and crew.  Props to Mandy Kehoe for the awesome set design.  

PeaceHealth for Copacino+Fujikado

C+P of Seattle recently asked me to capture documentary lifestyle footage for PeaceHealth's latest social media and television campaign.  I had the great pleasure of filming various community organizations in Florence, Oregon.  The Florence Food Share Community Garden and Food Pantry was especially inspiring.  Garden coordinator Bart Mealer and his staff of volunteers are kept busy planting veggies, weeding, composting and maintaining the water system that supports the 15,000 square foot "garden".  Their goal in 2015 is to harvest 12,000 pounds of produce!  Way to go Bart!  You can learn more about this awesome community organization by following this link: